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Mobility and transportation also represent a large









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Percentage of the total emissions that harm the environment. The aim is to introduce more ecological means of transport, and to this end electric cars would be the most feasible way to reduce emissions from the transport sector. Does the green pact have any type of financing? Yes, for the development of the green deal, the fund called the just transition fund has been created, through which up to 100 billion euros will be mobilized. The origin of the funds are private and public sources. Experts assure that in order to achieve the objectives that have been proposed, a total of 260 billion euros will be necessary. Benefits of the green deal for european citizens generation of less waste, through the use of recyclable and reusable packaging. This will be achieved through the implementation of the circular economy action plan. Reduction in the use of pesticides and fertilizers, which will result in the production of healthier and more environmentally friendly foods. Greater number of charging points for electric cars , this with the aim of promoting more ecological mobility and encouraging the purchase of electric cars. Renovation of schools, buildings, hospitals,…; all aimed at creating more ecological spaces, homes, communities and neighborhoods . Reduction of energy bills.

The acceptance of the european green deal has been very positive, since 95% of europe's population considers environmental conservation a priority.09/24/2020 hotel mar de fulles, 100% ecological hotel located in spain all over the world you will find examples of environmentally friendly buildings , some are literally intertwined with nature, while others are built with ecological materials and under a construction system that allows you to make the most of the potential of the land. But did you know that in spain you have various sustainable buildings, some larger than others? For example, the hotel mar de fulles is a 100% ecological hotel and yes, it is in spain. About hotel mar de fulles some consider this hotel as the idyllic place for those who enjoy Phone Number Data spaces surrounded by nature, a perfect place to have a dream vacation. It is a bioclimatic construction , a building that stands out in the country for being the first to meet the characteristic of being 100% ecological. The hotel mar de fulles is located in castellón, in the sierra de espadán natural park. It is a sustainable construction , in which materials such as lime, thermoclay, wood and sand were used. The idea of ​​building this type of ecological building dates back to 2005, it was juanma urbán and maría josé serrá, who had the idea. Both are greenpeace activists, a couple who have shown a deep love for nature. An ambitious project that took years to be built, it involved years of paperwork, land purchases, and what started with an investment of 6,000 euros, after 4 years of construction, today has more than 300 investors. Mar de fulles has a zero carbon footprint, not in vain is it the first 100% ecological and sustainable hotel in europe.

In the 4 years that this hotel has been in operation, more than 80 thousand trees have been planted. The energy used in this hotel is acquired from the sun, each room has a photovoltaic installation that allows the necessary energy to be produced. Curious facts about fulles sea if you are looking to disconnect from the busy world, then this is your place. At mar de fulles there is only wifi in the common areas and the coverage is not very good throughout the property. It is the perfect place to relax and forget about everything. Everything in this tourist area is eco-sustainable, in fact, salt and not chlorine is used in the pool for its maintenance. Many of the meals served at fuller's sea come from products obtained in their own garden, and others are purchased from local producers. Everything in this place is prepared with seasonal, organic products. The bottled water comes from the sierra's own well, the wines are also organic, even the beer served on site is exclusive, artisanal, and produced only to be consumed on site. Mar de fulles, the first 100% ecological building in europe , is a true place, the perfect place to vacation, go in autumn or at any time of the year. Any season is perfect to escape to this dream place and experience true ecological tourism .09/18/2020 wood is one of those materials that never goes out of style, in fact it adapts perfectly to new trends. And wood is not only perfect for construction , but it provides countless benefits to your home when used in decoration. This aesthetic, timeless and of course, immortal material cannot be missing from your home when you decide to make changes to the decoration. Here we explain the advantages of using wood in your home decoration.


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